Monday, February 18, 2008

The Peg Leg Club

The Peg Leg Club, originally uploaded by sakraft1.

Guess what me hearties? My finacee came back from Toy Fair in New York City with the 2008 catalog (my head exploded) and they are completely redoing the pirate line. It all comes out in August, and I think that is why the shelves at Target and my local toystore looked a little bare. Oh, and if you've never checked out Target, they seem to have some exclusive sets that are not in the catalog! Plus there is more at their website, where you can find one of the schooner hulled pirate ships. There are going to be new soldiers that look like Spanish soldiers, which is very authentically pirate. There will be a new big pirate ship appearing in other stores and on the playmobil site in August! The toys pictured here are not from the new line per se, they are part of my current collection.

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