Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ex-Disney "Jack Sparrow" Tells All

Captain Jack Sparrow, originally uploaded by ankneyd.

[Editor's note: the actor portraying Jack in the photo above is not the person referred to in this article (as far as we know)]

Los Angeles magazine has an incredible article "as told to Dave Gardetta", wherein a former Disney cast member (known only as Pinto as far as I can tell) tells all about his experience playing Jack Sparrow in New Orleans Square, Disneyland. he speaks of his hiring, the rules handed down by management, his (sometime rather adult) interactions with guests and how he was eventually escorted off the premises (the only way a true pirate leaves a job, arrrrrrr). He details how he broke a number of Disney's guidelines (including mentioning rum) while in character. One of the things that amused me is how he would sit in people's strollers and let them take pictures. Perhaps most astounding: they wouldn't let him keep is own natural Jack Sparrow goatee, he had to shave it of and use a fake one. He also details how cast members get in trouble for things posted on blogs or clips of them breaking the rules on YouTube. He eventually racked up enough points to get canned, but he still went back for a visit after a while.

Click here for the full arrrrrrticle.

[thank you, Lawrence]

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