Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More Pirate Coins

In the Angus Konstam book mentioned in my recent post on pirate coinage, he mentions how a character in Robert Louis Steveson's Treasure Island (Billy Bones) has in his notebook a table for converting one nations coins to the value of another's. Also mentioned in Treasure Island are some more types of coins found as part of Captain Flint's treasure.

It was a strange collection, like Billy Bones's hoard for the diversity of coinage, but so much larger and so much more varied that I think I never had more pleasure than in sorting them. English, French, Spanish,Portuguese, Georges, and Louises, doubloons and double guineas and moidores and sequins, the pictures of all the kings of Europe for the last hundred years,...

Louis d'or (gold, 1640 - French Revolution): A gold coin from France. Replaced by the Franc.

Guinea (gold, 1663 - 1816): A gold coin from England. Worth 21 shillings.

Moidore (gold, 1614 - 1732): A gold coin from Portugal.

Sequin (gold, 1543 - ?): A gold coin from The Republic of Venice (in Italy). They also minted silver Ducats.

Source: Wikipedia and Treasure Island

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