Thursday, November 20, 2008

Indian Navy Sinks Pirate Ship Fishing Trawler

The Indian Navy Frigate INS Tabar reportedly sank a suspected Somali pirate mother-ship yesterday. From what we gather, the Burum Ocean was fired upon and sunk after resisting the approach of the Indian Navy ship. The Burum Ocean was a Russian built trawler used by Somali pirates to launch small boats used in pirate attacks.

News sources say the pirates fled their sinking ship in two speedboats.

There has been a flurry of pirate activity this week, including the capture of a large Saudi oil tanker which stunned the international community for its distance from the coast and the size of the ship captured.

Somali has reputedly given the Indian Navy permission to enter its territorial waters to pursue pirates. India is one of numerous countries with warships in the area to combat piracy.

Update: As it turns out, the vessel sunk was actually a Thai fishing trawler that had been boarded by pirates. One crew member was rescued after six days adrift at sea. Another did not survive and the rest are still missing.

Update source: Newsweek

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