Friday, May 29, 2009

Tank Riot Podcast: Pirate History

Another link I found on boing boing is to this podcast. I had never listened to this podcast before, but they cover a wide variety of topics and this [nearly] two hour episode is all about pirates. They cover pretty much all the basics from the very first pirates all the way to to the Maersk Alabama (the American freighter recently captured by Somali pirates and freed by the US Navy). They even spend the last 20 minutes or so talking about music and movie piracy, which, as they point out, isn't really piracy, its just called that. But over all they do a really good job covering everything you might read in a pirate history book (and some things you wouldn't). [One correction though: I think they mention Blackbeard's Tower as being on St. Thomas, its actually in The Bahamas (unless there are two in which case I am mistaken).] They also talk about pirate movies, but no mention of Against All Flags, which they should see if they haven't. In any event, its well worth a listen.

[Please note: there are a few PG-13 moments so keep that in mind if young, impressionable ears might be listening.]

Click here to download the podcast directly from itunes (its FREE!)

visit the Tank Riot episode page.

and of course, found via boing boing

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Update: Viktor from Tank Riot emailed me back and there is, in fact, a Blackbeard's Tower on St. Thomas. Click here to read more about it.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

All About Pirate Economics, A Book Review Online

The magazine Reason has an review online about The Invisible Hook: The Hidden Economics of Pirates. The book looks pretty interesting and the article has quite a bit of information in itself (and I confess to not having read much of it so far, but I will!). From the review:
But a pirate’s life had less publicized qualities as well: Ships were known among sailors for their relatively decent living conditions, profitsharing opportunities, democratic practices, and racially integrated crews. Life “on the account,” as pirating was known, was often far more civilized than legitimate seamanship.

Read the review/article here

Found via boing boing

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pirates of the Caribbean RPG Set For 2010 Release

According to CVG, Disney and Propaganda Games are set to release a Pirates of the Caribbean RPG (Role Playing Game) for the PC and gaming consoles in 2010.

Read more at CVG

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