Friday, May 27, 2011

The Queen Anne's Revenge Comes To The Surface

In pieces. Blackbeard's famed ship is yielding treasures off the coast of North Carolina. Many items from what is believed to be the wreck site will be part of an exhibit about the vessel and the infamous pirate at the North Carolina Maritime Museum in Beaufort. Museum members can get an early glimpse of the exhibit starting on June 8th and the exhibit opens to the public on June 11th.

QAR Anchor On Way Up2
Photo Credit: North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources Staff Photographer Karen Browning

Just today, one of the anchors from the wreck site was recovered. There seem to have been a few stories of the last few months that have found there way into the news, including photos of a sword hilt found on the wreck. Another article describes the improvised canon ammunition found on the wreck, "canvas bags filled with a lethal mass of lead shot, nails, spikes and glass." Such ammunition would be used by pirates hoping to capture prizes by attacking the crew and sails/rigging without damaging the ship or cargo.

Another artifact, and the one that is most likely to have been personally used by Blackbeard (whose real name was Edward Teach), is tapered lead tube used as a toilet to funnel waste away from the ship. It was found near the captain's cabin, according to this site.

According to the North Carolina Maritime Museum's website, about 50% of the artifacts on the wreck have been recovered. Most of it however is undergoing preservation, but I am sure whatever treasures are going into the exhibit will still be amazing to behold.

Read more at the North Carolina Department Of Cultural Resources. They also have a flickr photostream.

Thanks Jeff and Matt!

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